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Who We Are

ENET Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of compatible network peripherals and connectivity products.  ENET offers more than 8,000 different product solutions which include optical transceivers, network memory, media converters, and cable solutions.  Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for the most demanding network environments.  With an entirely unique go-to-market strategy, ENET focuses on SMB, Large Enterprise Business, Data Centers, and Managed Service Providers. ENET offers a true OEM alternative by offering identical functionality to OEM products and a lower acquisition cost without sacrificing quality or support.

Established in 2003, our continued growth is the direct result of our dedication to quality through innovation, development, and validation using the industry’s most advanced networking and testing platforms.  The ENET team is comprised of motivated, industry professionals with a shared desire and commitment to providing our customers with a greater overall business experience.  From executive management to the warehouse personnel, each individual team member strives for excellence.  

Our mission is to instill confidence by providing our clients the highest quality networking peripherals, unprecedented support and custom solutions at a competitive price.

Our vision is to be the preferred source of network connectivity and peripheral products worldwide.

Core Values

is the foundation of our company and of every individual in it.
for everything we say and everything we do.
at the highest level is given to all we deal with, each and every day.
and a common goal of excellence gives us strength and unity.
What We Do

ENET manufactures and distributes network peripheral devices. Our product portfolio consists of OEM Equivalent and customized Optical Transceivers, DRAM & Flash Memory for servers, routers, and switches, Fiber, Copper, and OEM Compatible Cables and Fiber Media Converters.  Used by SMB, Large Enterprise Business, Data Centers, and Managed Service Providers. Our support team works alongside our customers to provide guidance in the pre and post sales process by providing technical information pertinent to their specific network environment.   ENET enables our customers to achieve their overall business objectives including maximizing IT budgets, increased product availability, shorter lead times, and superior customer support.

ENET offers more than 4,000 different transceiver, memory and cable products supporting more than 50 combined manufacturers.  Our team is continually developing new products including the newest network platforms, as well as legacy network devices.  Quality is controlled through several unique processes for compatibility, performance and benchmark testing.  ENET conducts the most comprehensive validation and testing guidelines in the industry.  In-house programming combined with the latest and most diverse test equipment ensures consistency, quality, and reliability. 



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