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Video Briefing: Award-Winning Network Automation Proof of Concept From MEF18

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

This short video presented by Spirent provides an overview of the MEF18 proof of concept (PoC) project: Fulfillment & Activation of an Intercontinental MEF 3.0 Service Spanning Four Operators.

Preparing Service Provider Infrastructure for 5G Profitability

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

Cisco's SVP/GM of Service Provider Network Systems Sumeet Arora explains how Cisco is helping service providers build and automate their infrastructure in preparation for 5G to drive new revenue-generating services such as mobile broadband, enterprise, IoT and security.

Cable 5G Transport Shows Promise & Complexity

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

US cable providers are gearing up to play a crucial role by supporting transport of 5G communications, but their aspirations are clouded by the complexity of 5G itself.

Anti-Huawei Forces Focus on Sprint/T-Mobile Deal

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

A new report suggests that the US is using its merger approval process to pressure Sprint and T-Mobile's parent companies to back away from Huawei.

Advancing Women in Product Launches New Chapters

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

Advancing Women in Product announced its international expansion to three major European cities: London, Paris and Berlin.

Infinera Restructures as It Absorbs Coriant

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

The optical networking vendor said in a filing with the SEC that it will take a charge against earnings related to severance and other related costs.

Full-Duplex DOCSIS Not One-Size-Fits-All

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

Node+0 requirement of FDX is a deal-breaker for some MSOs, and could open the door to other, less-limiting alternatives, Daniel Etman, cable consultant at Switzerland-based Quickline, says.

CableLabs Open Source IoT Project Shoots for Scale

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

MSO-backed group sees no 'one clear winner' in LPWAN market.

Arista Extends Its Reach Into Containers

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

Networking containerized environments is tough; Arista wants to help.

WiCipedia: Hardwiring Sexism, Brogrammer Culture & Wall Street Fearmongering

Posted on Friday December 14, 2018

This week in our WiC roundup: Brogrammers are still thriving; TPG puts the spotlight on a female hire; Wall Street's fear of women; and more.


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