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The ENET 3CSFP92-ENC 3Com Compatible SFP transceiver operates at 1 Gbps over Multimode/Single-mode fiber at 1310nm with a maximum reach of 10 kilometers. Each 3CSFP92-ENC is 100% compatible in fit, form, and functionality compared to the OEM product.  Our extensive quality control measures begin with physically inspecting each module, verification of hardware type, wavelength, transmit power, receive power, and full optical monitoring functionality (if applicable). Each 3CSFP92-ENC is individually programmed in-house and then Spirent® tested for performance and functionality as well as compatibility tested in target 3Com platforms.  Old and new revisions of 3Com operating software are used for testing to ensure 100% compatibility.  ENET tests each transceiver using Spirent® Test Centers to emulate live traffic through actual reels of fiber ranging in lengths from 100 meters to over 100 kilometers.  These extensive performance testing procedures combined with compatibility testing in more than 80 switches, routers, and servers guarantees each and every transceiver performs flawlessly in its intended environment.  All ENET 3Com compatible transceivers are MSA compliant for seamless integration and RoHS compliant for environmental conformity.  All ENET transceivers are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

1000BASE-LX SFP 1310nm 10km MMF/SMF LC
Trucode™ System Recognition
Lifetime Warranty
100% Compatibility Tested
100% Functionality Tested
Performance Certified
In-House Product Development
Extensive Inventory, Same Day Shipping
RoHS Compliant
MSA Compliant

ENET Part Number: 3CSFP92-ENC

OEM Part Number: 3CSFP92

Manufacturer Name: 3Com

Formfactor Name: SFP

Data Rate: 1 Gbps

Cable Type: Multimode/Single-mode fiber

Max Distance: 10 kilometers

Wavelength: 1310nm

Connector: Duplex LC

Optical Monitoring: No

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Compatible Machines:

222229265500-EI 52-PortE4500-24 SwitchJ9624A
22242926 PWR Plus5500-EI PWR 24-PortE4500-24-PoE SwitchJD007A
2224 PWR29285500-EI PWR 28-PortE4500-48 SwitchJD008A
22262928 HPWR5500-EI PWR 48-PortE4500-48-PoE SwitchJD009A
2226 PWR Plus (3CBLSF26PWR)2928 PWR5500-EI PWR 52-PortE4500G Switch SeriesJD010A
2226 SFP Plus (3CBLSF26)2CR1609-915500-El 24-PortE4510G Switch SeriesJD011A
2250-SFP Plus3C175415500-El 24-Port SFPJ9537AS7902E (4 Slots)
2816-SFP Plus3CDSG85500-El 48-PortJ9549AS7906E (8 Slots)
2824-SFP Plus3CRDSF9PWR7754 4-SlotJ9573AS7906E-V (5 Slots)
2848-SFP Plus45007757 7-SlotJ9574AS7910E (12 Slots)
2916421007758 8-SlotJ9575AV1900
29245500-EI 28-PortE4210 Switch SeriesJ9576AV1905
2924 PWR5500-EI 28-Port FXE4210GJ9584A

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